I'll get back to you soon!
What if I want to shoot at a location outside of Corvallis?
The current state mileage rate & an hourly rate of $15 will be added to your package.
When/how do I pay?
You can bring cash or check to the session or exchange payment for photos after the editing process is finished. Checks can be made out to Isabella Medina.
Who can come?
A friend or family member is always welcome to come make you laugh or tell you if your hair is being weird, if you don't want to bring a friend I will be that friend.
What should I wear?
Avoid stripes and busy patterns, for groups try to stick to all warm or all cool tones but no need to match completely.
How long does editing take?
Editing can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the number of photos and my workload, but accommodating your deadlines and needs is my priority.
Who owns and can publish my photos?
All images will be yours to use freely but I reserve rights to use the images on my website and for promotional purposes. If you would not like your photos used for these purposes a separate $20 licensing fee will allow you to have sole use of your images.